New Fall Publications


BTW – September 2013 Issue

We’re delighted to be spreading the news that our Town of Brookline Economic Development Advisory Board colleague and long-time sustainability entrepreneur/innovator, Harold Simansky, continues to delve into new territories – this time into the world of publishing, where he has just unveiled the inaugural issue of BTW – BEHIND the WALLS.  The motivation behind BTW, according to Harold, is to make green design accessible to the everyday audience:

“For me, BTW is all about accessibility for the average homeowner, making sure that they understand that going green does not have to break the bank. In fact, it is often the most cost effective solution.” 

For more on BTW, please visit Harold Simansky’s website and blog – 360 Chestnut.

AHPP 15th

Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th Edition.

In the hardbound category, Wiley has recently announced the November 2013 release of the AIA’s 15th Edition of the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (AHPP).  XChange Architects’ Derrick Choi AIA, had the privilege of collaborating on the redevelopment of the Handbook by serving as a member of the AIA’s steering committee for the 15th Edition.  The Handbook was first published in 1920 with the intent of articulating “how the architect must combine the skills of a professional, a businessman, and an artist.”  The upcoming edition – the first since the 14th edition in 2008 – will reflect a groundswell of change in our industry since the Great Recession.  To learn more about the 15th edition, please check out the AIA interview with the Executive Editor of the AHPP and small firm business planning expert, Prof. Rena M. Klein, FAIA.

Derrick Choi had the opportunity to reflect on the 2008 founding of XChange Architects while co-writing with Rena Klein a section in the Organizational Development Chapter of the AHPP on starting a firm, entitled:  “Entrepreneurial Practice: Starting an Architecture Firm.”

All images courtesy of publishers, Harold Simansky and Wiley.

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